How to post your ideas on pinterest the best way

How To Post Your Ideas On Pinterest – The Best Way

If you have read and implemented our previous article about Pinterest, then your profile is ready. Now you have to publish content and share your ideas with the audience of Pinterest, but do you know how to post your ideas on Pinterest the best way? Want to get more views and clicks on your pins?

Don’t worry, I will teach you the best way to post your ideas on Pinterest to get more impressions, views and clicks. You have to read this article carefully and implement all the strategies on your profile to achieve great results.

How To Post Your Ideas On Pinterest?

Normally, you can just share your ideas, but that’s not enough if you want to get great results. You have to follow some advanced strategies if you really want to get more out of your efforts. I am going to list down these steps below, so make sure to implement them correctly.

1. Create Best Pins

Creating engaging and attractive pins with the perfect size is the most important thing to keep in mind. You can use any free or paid tool like Canva to create pins. You have to spark the curiosity of the viewer by asking questions, using emotional keywords, or adding some graphics to make them click on your pins.

Creating the best pins for Pinterest also includes an advanced technique of placing keywords in your images to optimize them. You have to do keyword research and trend checking first, even before designing pins, but we will discuss it in a detailed article about Pinterest SEO, so don’t miss any update.

What Is The Best Size For Pinterest Pins?

This step is also very important to increase your impressions. I personally tested two different sizes of pins and found that the best size for Pinterest pins is (1080×1920). It covers more area, and in this way, the user gives more attention to these pins.

2. Creating Best Boards

We all know the importance of creating good boards, but most of us don’t really do it. You have to create boards very specifically so you can build a collection of specific types of pins. You can also create boards for sub-niches and micro-niches in your category. Write description of your boards and use targeted keywords related to increase rankings of your boards. You should use unique pinterest board name ideas to engage your viewers with them.

Unique Pinterest board names also help in rankings and can increase your click through rate. which will give a signal to Pinterest that your content is good for viewers, so Pinterest will start promoting it to other users as well.

4. How Often To Post Your Ideas On Pinterest

Pinterest promotes and appreciates fresh content, and you have to provide it to get the support of Pinterest organically. You should post a minimum of 10-20 pins per day, but if it’s too much for you, then make sure to post at least 4 pins daily and do not give links in each of them. Use links in 25% of your pins, and the remaining 75% should be informative. You can ask to follow your Pinterest profile in 75% of your pins to grow your profile too.

Pinterest helps the profiles and supports those who try to share the information on its platform. The number of pins does matter, but your consistency is most important, so be consistent if you want to grow. The quality of pins and the research behind these pins is very important, so don’t miss it.

3. Don’t Use These Links

I found a lot of people making these mistakes on Pinterest, which results in bad results. These results include profile bans, decreases in views, fewer outbound clicks and not getting followers.

  • Direct Affiliate Links: You should avoid using direct affiliate links in your pins and use landing page links instead.
  • Direct Store Links: These links can decrease your click through rate, so avoid using them directly.
  • People use these links to make money from clicks, but Pinterest considers them spam, and you lose user trust, so avoid them.
  • Irrelevant links: Using links that are not related to the pins results in lower rankings and a decrease in views.
  • Mature Content Links: Using these types of links is very very dangerous. It can cause profile bans and Google penalties.

Stop using these types of links and you will see a change in your profile. These are the links that I have personally seen. If you know of any others, then let me know in the comments.

5. Importance of Sharing Your Pins

If you have read the above steps, then you know how to post your ideas on Pinterest, but what about other platforms? Do you know they can help you too?

If you share your pins on other platforms, then you will get clicks and views from outside of Pinterest. This way, you will get more audience coverage and the growth will be much fast. As you are bringing traffic from outside of pinterest, so pinterest will promote and grow your profile and keep you up on there platform too.

Sharing Your Ideas On Pinterest

I have tried my best to teach you my personally tested and working strategies on how to post your ideas on Pinterest. You have to follow them, and one important thing which is missing in this article is Pinterest SEO. This is a huge topic, and I will post a dedicated article about it, so stay connected to us. I hope you understand the concept of sharing your ideas on Pinterest. If you have any queries, then feel free to ask me in the comments. I will answer it ASAP.

Thank you for reading this article…

Hope this helps…

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