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Outbound Clicks on Pinterest – Complete Guide with Pro Tips

This article is going to be a complete guide to Outbound Clicks on Pinterest. You need to read this article carefully if you want to get more outbound clicks on your Pinterest pins. I experimented with multiple things and found some of them useful. If you don’t know about outbound clicks on Pinterest and just want to know about them, then you are at the right place too.

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What is an Outbound Clicks on Pinterest

Analytics on Pinterest play a very important role, but these analytics are shown on the basis of metrics. There are Six metrics on Pinterest: Impressions, Pin Clicks, Views, Engagements, Saves, and Outbound Clicks. These metrics help creators understand the interests of their audience and improve the quality of their content.

Outbound Click is the matric to show number of clicks on your links. It helps to understand the interest of your viewers in your end product or service.

What Does an Outbound Click Mean on Pinterest?

As I told, It shows the number of clicks you got on your link. It will indicate your content performance. If you are not getting clicks then it may effect on your growth. Pinterest counts the rate of clicks to improve the user experience. This could make or break your Pinterest appearance. If you are getting impressions, views, saves, and engagements but not getting link clicks, then you should improve your content.

How to Get More Outbound Clicks on Pinterest

I did a lot of research and also experimented multiple things to see what works better. I will explain all the strategies and tips that you should implement to get more outbound clicks. You have to read them carefully and implement them properly if you want to see the results.

1. Eye Catchy Pins

make eye catchy pins, eye-catchy pins, attractive pins, tip no 1 for pinterest clicks,

This is a basic but effective thing that is evergreen. You should use illustrations and graphics that can grab the attention of the audience. This will help you get more views, and more views mean higher chances of clicks. A quick tip here: use real-life images to get even more clicks.

2. Target Right Audience

audience, users, targeting, audience targeting, tip no 2 for pinterest clicks, keyword research for pinterest, trend research for pinterest,

Targeting the audience wisely can increase the clicks too. The easy way to target an audience specifically is by doing keyword research and trend research. You can do both of these things with the tools of Pinterest, but you can also use other tools like Ahrefs for keyword research too. You can use Trends.Pinterest to check the trends on Pinterest and the number of interested parties.

3. Use Call To Actions

call to action buttons, use call to action buttons, buttons, tip no 3 for pinterest clicks

Basically, start using words that encourage your viewers to click on the link. Firstly, use some questions and highlight buttons with words like: Learn More, See More, and More Updates. Secondly, use some click bait. Do not use it too much, otherwise you will lose the trust of viewers.

4. Make List Pins

list pins, pins, make list pins, pins with lists, listicle form pins, tip no 4 for pinterest clicks,

Start making a few listicle form pins, but don’t over do it. You only have to say a few things and then, as shown above, use a call to action. You should make this type of pin once or twice. Don’t only make these types of pins, just maintain the balance equally.

5.Titles Must Be Interesting

your pin titles must be interesting, interesting titles, pin titles, tip no 5,

Write interesting titles to get the attention of viewers. In particular, use titles that are relevant to your link, and as shown above, try asking questions in them. Your pin type and pin titles are equally important. Focus on both of them. You should always use the keywords that you found in your research and optimize them in your titles to get even better results.

6. Avoid These Links!

avoid these links, links to avoid on pinterest, tip no 6

Your viewers will only click on your link if they feel safe doing it. If your links are very long, then use link shorteners like Bitly to shorten your links and make them look cleaner. Most importantly, stop using direct affiliate links. At any cost, you should not put direct affiliate links in your pins, otherwise your account will be banned. However, create a landing page for affiliate products and promote their links.

7. Don’t Be Irrelevant!

don't be irrelevant, tip no 7

Finally, this is the last point to cover, but it’s the most important one too. While publishing pins, don’t use random links; promote the links relevant to that pin. If your pin is about a single product, then don’t put a link to a whole category page. Pinterest tracks all the outbound clicks and traffic with multiple trackers to display the right thing to the users. Therefore, don’t try to trick Pinterest’s algorithms.


These were the strategies that worked very well for me, so I am sharing them with you. I am still trying new things and will surely let you know about them too. You just have to keep checking for new strategies on kewres. I would suggest you be consistent as much as you can because the only thing that can provide great results is consistency. Start implementing these things as shown above with consistency and make it a habit, then you will start seeing the results within few days or weeks.

I have tried my best to help you. If you found this article helpful for you, then consider sharing it with your friends. I wish you good luck with your Pinterest growth journey and I will see you guys next time!

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