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What are Pin Clicks on Pinterest? | Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays, Pinterest gets more than 430 million monthly visitors. You can take a pie from this delicious cake too. However, you can make very good profit from here for free. When I was a newbie, I started using Pinterest to get pin clicks to drive traffic to my short links to make some quick bucks. Everything went very well for me and I made good amount by doing this. You can use it for your businesses to get more visitors and clients completely for free.

Eventually, after doing these quick money things, I became expert of Pinterest. So, I started using this skill to help others to get desired results. You have to understand how it works and how you can maximize your reach. I have already explained the basics, you can check them. Today’s article is about: what are pin clicks on Pinterest and how you can get more pin clicks. Pin clicks are directly proportional to the traffic that will redirect to your link, read full article to understand it.

What are Pin Clicks On Pinterest?

Basically, a “Pin Click” is the number of times a user clicks on your pin on Pinterest. This is the simple definition of Pinterest pin clicks. However, it’s one of the 6 metrics: Impressions, Pin Clicks, Views, Engagements, Saves, and Outbound Clicks. A pin click is used to show the number of times a pin has been clicked to view it for more information.

Secondly, another thing you will see in analytics, pin click rate. The Pin Click Rate is the number of times your pin was seen(not clicked) divided by the number of pin clicks. This is used to calculate the performance of your content, which is very helpful.

What Does Pin Clicks Mean On Pinterest?

Pin Clicks are one of the most important things on Pinterest. This will predict how much profit your business can make from your content. However, It also indicates and triggers the algorithm to make your pins viral. It doesn’t mean you start doing click bait, definitely that will harm your profile.

Firstly, use “Clicks Rate” to improve the quality of your content. Quality of your content is must and quantity too, otherwise your efforts will waste. If this number is decreasing, then this will also affect on your overall profile. You have to take it serious, if really want to get your pie.

Pin Clicks vs Outbound Clicks

People are confused about these two things, both are the metrics. I will try to differentiate them for your better understandings. When a user click on the link in your pin and drives to your given link is called Outbound Click. Firstly, user have to open your pin by clicking on it which is called pin click. This was a simple definitions of these two things. Although, there’s a detailed article about outbound click that you can go through as well.

Tips To Increase Pinterest Pin Clicks

I will share my personally experimented ways to increase the pin clicks. Just make to pay closer attention to these details to get desired results. I will list them down step by step for your ease.

Keyword Research

Targeting the right people will sky rocket your outcomes. Targeting can be done by keyword research and trend research. There are some built in tools in Pinterest for these things, such as “Trends.Pinterest” and “Ads.Pinterest”. Although, You can use other tools like “Google Trends” for trend research and “Ahrefs” free version for keywords.

Pin With Limited Details

If your pin is explaining everything without viewing it, then you will lose clicks. You will have to make your pins kind of highlights of the full story. This way you can get more clicks in the seek of knowing more. Listicle format pins perform well too, also use them.

Trust Worthy Pins

Your profile is your brand, design it the best. Using eye-catchy graphics relevant to your pin can perform much better. Same color pins will make your profile look more professional and trust-worthy. The more user trusts you, your chances of getting followers, clicks, and engagements increases.

Do Not Spam!

Don’t put your links in every single pin you post. Secondly, don’t put irrelevant links in your pins, you will lose user’s trust. Make sure to maintain a balance between your empty pins and pins with links. I personally follow 1/4 rule, one pin with link after 3 empty pins.

Consistency Is Mandatory!

Pinterest loves active users and gives them the fruit of their efforts. Posting 4 pins a day with consistency, will bring the great results. You can’t be lazy if you want to make some real profit from here. Pinterest promotes active user’s content more than others, so be consistent.


This information is based on my personal experience. Nobody can predict the future, but strategies help you achieve your goals. If you can follow the given details properly, then you will definitely get the desired results. Although, I am a human too, let me know if I there’s any corrections. You can contact me and I will reply ASAP. Hopefully this article may have taught you something new, if yes then check out other’s too. I will see you in the next one, keep visiting our blog for latest content to grow your businesses and your social media platforms.

Thank you for visiting, reading, and giving us your valuable time.

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