what are impressions on pinterest and how to get more impressions on pinterest

What are Impressions on Pinterest – Get More Impressions

This article will take you through one of the analytics or metrics of Pinterest. Impressions on Pinterest play a very important role and give us an idea of our reach.

Today in this article I will cover these things; What are impressions on Pinterest? What does impression mean on Pinterest? And how to get more impressions on Pinterest. Firstly, I will advise you to check out the recent post on our Site. These posts will help you understand the basics of Pinterest.

What are Impressions on Pinterest

Simply, when someone sees your pin, it is called “Impressions on Pinterest”. Impressions are the number of times your pin appears in front of any user. It could be in the home feed, search results, category results, browsing boards, or visiting your profile.

It doesn’t mean that the user clicked on your pin or viewed it. If someone is just scrolling through your profile, search results, home feed, and boards and your pins are showing in front of him/her, it will be counted as impressions.

What Does Impression Mean On Pinterest

Impressions will only tell you the number of times someone saw your pins, That’s all. There are 6 metrics on Pinterest

  1. Impressions
  2. Pin Clicks
  4. Engagements
  5. Saves
  6. Outbound Clicks (Link Clicks)

If you want to measure the performance of your content you have to check all of these. All of these are equally important and you should focus on all of them for better resutls. I personally did a lot of experiments and found some really awesome strategies that will help you get more impressions. If you properly implement all of these, I can guarantee your success.

How Impressions Helps on Pinterest

It helps to understand the reach of your pins. Using impressions, you can track the performance of your pins. It can also help you better optimize your pins for better results. Impressions are very useful for understanding the behavior of your audience. You can improve the quality of your pins by using impressions.

If you want to grow your profile organically, it is very important to keep an eye on impressions. You should check out the next paragraph to find out my personal strategies to get more impressions.

How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

I created multiple profiles on pinterest, tried different ways to post on pinterest and helped a lot of people to get great results. Now I have started using the most effective strategies that help in reaching the maximum number of people on Pinterest. I will share all the strategies that will help you get more impressions.

Strategies to Get More Impressions on Pinterest

I will explain all of them one by one so you can easily implement them and get the desired results. Read them carefully and jot them down to make it a habit to follow them every time.

Consistency Is The Key to Success

Pinterest is one of the most active platforms and it promotes fresh content. I know from personal experience that you can get great results with consistency. If you post once or twice a day, you can still get great results. You should make it a habit to post pins on Pinterest if you want to get satisfying results.

Quantity Is Also Important

I have seen people talking about posting 20 or 30 pins a day. That’s a lot more than you need. I can say if you just pin 4 pins daily with consistency, you will still see results. If you post more pins, you will see results fast, but it will take more effort.

Don’t Spam With Links!

Make sure to add links to relevant and authoritative sites and don’t try to spam. If you are posting four pins daily, then add a link in 1 and leave the other 3 empty. You can make the remaining 3 pins informative and engaging to gain followers as well.

Pin’s Size Really Matter!

I searched a lot about the best size of pins and found that Pinterest recommends (1000*1500). I posted pins with 2 different sizes and found that pins with a size of 1080*1920 performed better than the recommended size of pins. You should try both sizes and check which one performs better for you.

Keyword Research Is A Game Changer

Optimizing pins is the most important part, and you should do the best SEO for your pins. Keyword research is the game changer, and you can get incredible results if you do it properly. I would advise you to target keywords with high search volume to get maximum reach. You should also optimize your pins for Google to get traffic from Google as well.

Sharing Will Help You A Lot!

If you are not sharing your pins, then you are missing a golden opportunity and you will regret it one day. If you share your pins, you will not only reach more people, but at the same time, algorithms on Pinterest will start promoting your pins organically. Share your pins with an audience of interest. This will help you build a follower base and grow your profile. When you bring traffic from other platforms to Pinterest, it will also promote you in exchange.


I have tried my best to share the most effective strategies that I have applied so far. I am still experimenting with different things and will share the results with you soon. If you have any questions, let me know in comments below. If you want me to add anything in it, feel free to contact. These are based on my personal experiences, If you follow them I can say you will get the same results as well. If you are new on “Kewres” then make sure to bookmark it and check for weekly updates.

For more these types of strategies and informational update make sure to check for updates every week.

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